Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heartbreak: Chris Benoit and Family Dead

How bizarre is the Chris Benoit double murder suicide story!? He strangled his wife and then smothered his child. Then he killed himself. My heart goes out to the families. They're probably too confused to cry at this point.

This is the kind of story where you have to step back and say What The F#@&!? Some say it's the painkillers that these wrestlers get addicted to. I don't agree. Although I don't have much formal training in drug use, I have had a lot of drug addict friends and coworkers.

The people that were on painkillers didn't seem like the type that would kill. Mainly because they never did anything. The drugs made them so slow and lethargic that they had trouble getting the energy to finish anything. Painkillers not only drain you energy but they take away your desire for things. And it's desire that makes people kill.

So who knows why this happened. It just sucks that it did. story

I did a little research and found that a lot of wrestlers have died early. TMZ has a gallery here. Did you know Miss Elizabeth died of a drug overdose in '03!? WTF? I loved her.

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