Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some Bad News

Bad news gathering happens a lot nowadays. Everybody wants ratings so bad that they're willing to post questionable stories from questionable sources just to make a buck. They don't care if they have to destroy people's lives in the meantime. Like in the Michael Vick story. Some of the stuff they're printing about is bordering slander and defamation.

I opened Yahoo this morning and on the featured news page the headline went, "Michael Vick not grasping seriousness of situation." I thought wow did Vick finally have a press conference? Or did he talk to some reporter? After I clicked that teaser, a subtitle said, Does Vick get it? The seriousness of Michael Vick's situation eludes the Falcons QB, according to an insider." Now I get it. All I needed to hear was the last four words. It's probably all bull shmit. story

The reporter goes on to say that the if Vick is seen as not taking this seriously that it could affect the way the public opinion sways in this case. And if he eventually has to sit in front of a jury, this can seriously affect his case.

Then why the hell are you writing a story based on what some person who claims to be tight with him said?!

People don't see the "according to an insider" part. All they see is the headline. Now everyone is going to be saying Vick doesn't care.

The prophecy has become self-fulfilling.

So what's going to happen? Michael Vick is going to release a statement saying that he does care and that he understands the gravity of the situation. But no one's going to believe him. They're going to think it's just some line his lawyer thought he should say. The damage has already been done.

And it's all because some snot-nosed idiot reporter couldn't keep his damn mouth shut. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the press. Good luck Mike!

On to LiLo. The other day they said she had cocaine on her when she got busted for DUI. Now they're taking it back. Whoops! We're sorry. My bad. But the damage has already been done. By saying what they said they damaged her reputation. And knowing that her name would be thrown in the mud you think they'd double check what they're about to print.

But they don't. Cause THEY DON'T CARE. If her name gets torn to shreds and her life and career goes into a tailspin based on what they print, it'll just make them MORE MONEY! They'll sell more papers and more ad time reporting on her failure. What a shame. story

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