Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The System

When I used to work at the Smokey Bones restaurant I noticed extra food would show up in the window. Maybe someone misread a ticket. Or accidentally rang in too much. But every so often there would be a plate of food with no ticket and nowhere to go.

The managers just told us to throw it away. But when you're in the middle of a double shift, you get really tempted to just eat it.

But where would I take the food? How do I eat it without getting caught? So I just threw the dead(extra) food away. And this went on for a few months. Until...

Until a fateful day when I was really hungry and a full slab of baby-back ribs was in the window with no ticket. It looked so good and I was told to throw it away. Pissed off, I started heading for the garbage, then a server tapped me and said, "lets eat it!"
"Just watch."

He went to the kitchen guys and told them the order was supposed to be to-go. They then pack it up and give it to the take-out girls. The server goes to the take-out and says he'll take care of it. We went back to dry storage and pigged out. For some reason, knowing that we beat the restaurant made it taste even better.

After that day I never went hungry again at work.

The system that was set up got even better. After a while it got to the point where we could eat whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. And all because we set up a process of turning worthless food into good eating.

What's the point?

There are a lot of processes going on that are making people's lives easier and better.

If I gave you a stolen Picasso worth 50million dollars it would probably do you no good. Because you have no way of turning it into actual money. Who are you going to sell it to? It would be absolutely worthless unless you were connected to the criminal underground that could move it for you.

Think about some applications of what I'm talking about. I'll add more later.

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