Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wassup Baby

I'm babysitting today. I picked up my niece last nightand am trying to be a good uncle and take care of her.

I can barely type this post cause she's trying to crawl over the keyboard now.

I don't know how you parents do it.

It's not that's complicated. It's just that it's constant. The baby needs attention like the whole time it's awake. Now everything I do has the extra effort of taking stuff out of the babies hand or mouth.

If you turn your head for like two seconds she'll make a beeline for the nearest sharpest object.

When you hear about kids hurting themselves at home while the parents are there and think wow those people must be messed up. I feel their pain now. It's impossible to watch the baby 24 hours a day and have any kind of life.

And I thought my dog was needy.

Okay... time out. She's screaming now.
(wait five minutes)

Okay she's going to sleep. My house is quiet again. I almost forgot how silent it usually is around here. Ahhh. Peace and quiet... at least until it wakes up again. Take care.

How about some pictures.

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(all pictures courtesy of Flickr)

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