Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best of the year Series

The number Four Book of the Year:

Free Lunch, David Kay Johnston.

This book pissed me off, and I guess that was the point. So much of our money gets wasted, misspent, and just plain stolen from the national treasury.

Johnston researched the way pro-sports owners take money to build their stadiums on our dime. How favor from Washington can mask, and sometimes award destructive behavior that threatens the lives of innocents.

The things that this book talks about is the reason why people feel that capitalism needs to be reined in. Law enforcement can't control the corruption. It goes too deep. So liberals conclude that we must regulate. I know we all hate when the liberals are right, but how can we argue against that one?

Our country is being destroyed by the marriage between Washington and Wall Street. I don't trust them. None of us do.

(Link to talk with Bill Moyers here)

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