Friday, March 18, 2005

Bar Hopping Sober

Going out last night without drinking gave me the oppurtunity to see the places that my buddies and I frequent in a clearer light. First of all, Brian Boru's is a zoo. There were at least five fights last night. A guy got reportedly stomped last week by fifteen guys for hitting a girl. I was wondering why we never get involved or barely see these fights. After enjoying a girl-on-girl brawl late last night, I went inside and saw my peeps just enjoying themselves as if nothing was going on around them. Ignorance is bliss.

We should start going to some different locations. We discovered a cool bar right down the street from Hutter, Rooney's. It's an authentic Irish pub with a vintage look. I wonder how many cool bars there are out there that we haven't been to yet. I think we need a new drinking home of the West Staines Massiv.


Wayne Smallman said...

"We discovered a cool bar .. Rooneys..."

The irony is just amazing!

A rising star in football / soccer is a kid called Wayne Rooney, who just happens to have an ill temper the size of the emerald isle.

And on the issue of booze-fueled violence .. man! Let it go!

So long as they don't knock you're pint out of your hand, what's your problem?!

pierre said...

but that's exactly the "problem." It's fun watching the brawls (especially the girl-on-girl), until the brawls come to you. I see it all the time. Some innocent guy is forced into a fight after some drunken fool knocks his drink over.

And I said it's our headquarters, so how much of a problem could I have with it?

Studmuffin said...
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Studmuffin said...

Wayne Smallman sucks! Why are you always hating!! You win the player haters award!

What's so ironic that a bar and some "fi-fi boy" share the same name. I used to go to a bar in Nashville called The Tin Roof, and go figure I used to have a patio with a tin roof the size of the emerald isle. The Irony is just amazing!!

And no one said there was a problem of "booze-fueled violence" just pointing out the fact when you're sober, you notice the moronic behavior more often, you're probably one of those guys, huh? With your pint glass, drink a real drink Jabroni!!