Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Preggers Rumor Mill

Demi Pregnant? There is talk that Demi Moore is preggers. Ashton say it ain't so. I know you had to get the MILF urge out of your system. But when the lady's the mother of your child, the milf factor becomes nil. Hope this one is just a rumor.

Britney Pregnant? The Star's latest report is that Britney's gonna have a little. This one is probably true. Britney's been talking about starting a family for a while. She posted a message about it on her website, (which I visit religiously), link.

Jessica Simpson too? Jessica "Chicken of the Sea" Simpson says that she's ready to have a baby. And Nick says that he's ready to be a daddy. How sweet. She plans on having a bun in the oven by June. Maybe a kid will keep them married for a few more years. I will have adjust my estimate to divorce after ten years of marriage. They'll be forgotten by then anyways.

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