Thursday, September 08, 2005

1-0 Baby!

At first I thought driving 5 hours to see a football game is crazy. I was about to tell my brother to forget it. But goddamn it if it wasn't worth it.

We got there in pretty good time. We hung out with some tailgaters. Checked out some of the university bunnies (FSU chock-full of them, *wink wink* MeanGirl582). I even got to do the 'Sink A Hurricane' contest. Where you throw balls at a target and try to sink a guy with a Hurricanes jersey on. I sunk him- after spending like ten bucks of course.

The game was off the hook. Miami was offensively better, but our defense kept them at bay. It went down to the final minutes. Miami got down to the 2 yard-line. They went for a field-goal, but fumbled the ball and couldn't kick. The stadium erupted. I flipped the fuck out. Me Julie is prob the only person that has seen me lose my mind when happy. I was screaming like a madman. I even turned to this cute girl that was sitting by us and gave her the biggest hug. Her boyfriend didn't appreciate it though. I went to give him a high five; I thought he was gonna punch me in the face.

Too bad we couldn't stay for the after-parties- my bro had to work in the morning. I was in such a good mood; I would've probably made an FSU chick very happy that night. Oh well, we got FSU-UF at the end of the season. I never banged a gator before...

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Meangirl582 said...

F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E Florida State Florida State Florida State WOOO! I would have beat somebody's ass if Miami made that field goal! But we finally won! Ahhh... the smell of sweet victory! Eat it Pablo!

PS- Thanks for the shoutout. :)