Monday, March 20, 2006

Crazy-Ass Buffet

I went to Crazy Buffet yesterday and had sushi. I've had sushi before, but this was the first time I went with the intention of trying it. It wasn't half-bad. I don't see the big deal though. Maybe I have to try it a couple more times.

The waiter did something weird though at the end. He brings me my payment and says, "Okay, this copy's for me, this one's for you, and that's your card." Now, I don't mind the talk of the different copies, but why the hell do I need to know which one of the three objects is my card. Is it confusing some people?! I was about to say, "I'm sorry, which one's my card again. Oh okay, I mean, you went through it all so fast. Thanks man!"

Was he an idiot or just being helpful?

(Speaking of sushi. How about video of a guy snorting wasabi. hilarious

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