Thursday, July 20, 2006

Get Off Bolton's Nuts

It's comforting to finally hear someone making sense of what's going on in the latest Arab-Israeli conflict. A lot of people think John Bolton is crap. The problem is they came to that conclusion as soon as they heard Bush was appointing him as ambassador to the U.N. I don't think there was enough basis for hatin on him.

Listen to this news conference where he plainly lays out the problem with getting a cease-fire. He gets much respect from me for he way he handled a tough a question.

Watch the whole thing if you can, but if you're feeling lazy, the part I'm talking about starts at 4:14 and ends at 6:25. Well good sh_t.

John Bolton U.N. news conference - July 20, 2006

(editor's note: I don't know how long the link will last, but it should be fine for at least a week.)

United Nations - English Homepage

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