Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's Goin On: Mid-East and N. Korea

Events are happening around the world that you need to know about. You say you don't have enough time watch the news. So I will give you a 90 second cram of what you need to know in a post I call: What's Goin On.

Israel vs. Hezbollah

Hezbollah kidnapped an Israeli soldier asking for Arab prisoners to be released in exchange. Israel says eat me and starts bombing Lebanese air bases. Lebanon says why are you bombing us, it is the guerilla fighters who messed with you. Current score: Israel- 8 dead, Lebanon- 47 dead. Two paths the future can take: First, Israel stops bombing air bases and everyone goes back to just killing one-on-one. Two, Lebanon positions it's military on the border. Which will suck the U.S. in. Which will suck Syria and Iran in to back up Lebanon. Which will suck for everyone.


How about some good news from Iraq. The province of Muthanna has been given sole authority of its security. The first of its kind. Soon Iraqi forces will oversee all security in the country. the problem with that?-- time for the bad news. Civil war! We think the sectarian violence is bad now. When we leave they will tear each others heads off.

North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il

We do not want to pick a fight right now. So we are going to play the diplomacy game. We hope China, Japan, The EU, and the other major nations pressure the North Koreans to chill out.

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