Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Out Of Order

I've been meaning to add a few posts but haven't been able to sign on at home. doesn't work. Nor does Yahoo Mail or Myspace.

I made the mistake of letting Paul Wall mess with my router settings. He says his grubby fingers didn't do anything wrong. Yea, Paul!? Then why can't I CHECK MY DAMN MYSPACE ASSHOLE! How am I supposed to know when one of my buddy's sends me a glitter comment wishing me a happy humpday with the picture of a chicken humping a duck!?

Anyways, I'll try to fix it. But for now I'll be doing remote posts only from school or Whole Foods in Gardens.

If anyone knows how to troubleshoot router access, send me a message. More specifically I need to know how to alter my settings to enable firewall protection and third-party server access. I already tried to disable the DMZ profile but it didn't work.

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