Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brown eyes Wide Shut

Imus pissed off black people and women by calling a women's basketball team a bunch of "nappy-headed hoes." Al Sharpton has now called for his resignation.

Silly me, I thought the appropriate response would be, "Who the hell's Imus?" or, even better, "So what."

And why does "nappy-headed" have to necessarily be a black invective? I know a lot of caucazoids with nappy hair. But the "hoe" part is pretty bad. But he's a stupid radio personality, they get paid to say garbage everyday. Btw, have you seen the hair on women's basketball players? Their naps are nappy. They've got to be the most unladylike creatures since the mean thing in The Little Mermaid.

Black people have embraced the victim identity so much that we are happy looking like a bunch of babies to the rest of the world just so we can avoid growing up and taking responsibility for our own failure.

Someone once said when we look back we will find that the twentieth century's greatest mistake was the creation of the "victim." First the blacks, then the Jews, followed by women, gays, and every alternative lifestyle known. I'm starting to get what he's saying. story

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