Friday, April 06, 2007

Have You Seen This Video?

Alanis Morisette's new video is THE most viewed clip on Youtube. It's apparently a joke/satire/social commentary where she covers The Black_Eyed Peas' "My Humps." She slowed it way down and goofs off in the video.

It's pretty boring, and really corny.

I got pissed though when I saw all the comments. 7000 of them are up as of last check. The things people say really make me wonder about the mental health of our nation.

People are saying things like; "She's a visionary" "Brilliant" "Way to show how North American/Canadian girls are so whatever..." "It's just a joke, people!"

Yea we know it's a joke you f@#$! moron! But it's NOT FUNNY!! I thought that was a requirement of jokes!? That they require some type of HU-MOR.

Okay so she slowed a song down and ragged on it. OMG!?! That's sooooooo brilliant! Somebody get me a damn moon man for MTV, this is solid f**%# gold!!!


I can slow ANY dance song from the past and make it sound like that stupidest thing in the world. Does that mean that they shouldn't have been hits? Does it mean that they were irresponsible in their portrayal of the complex landscape of American culture? OF COURSE NOT! It doesn't mean anything!!

Do they think Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas were giving a personal testimony of reality as they see it? OR were they JUST HAVING FUN!

I know, I'm going to sing the "Thong Song" realllllly slow and show everyone how it portrays the female in a negative light and adds to the ever increasing tumult between the sexes. WooooooowWee! That's brilliant!

In this case Alanis wasn't a visionary; SHE WAS CORRR-NEEEEEE!

Come on Pierre, it's just a joke. It's JUST a joke. It's just a joooooooooke! If I hear another moron say that line as if it exempts people from offering anything of value I'm going to flip my lid. I know it's TRYING to be a joke! I get it. BUT it's not FUNNY!

"She's just kidding." Someone said. Again, looking for exemption.

So you mean to tell me that if someone said, "Your mom is a stinking cunt and I hope she dies tonight while being anally raped with a tire iron." And then follows with, "Oh I'm JUST KIDDING. Come on, don't be mad. IT'S JUST A JOKE!" That should clear them of everything they said right!? "Ohhhh, YOU JUST don't have a sense of humor." I've heard that one too, as if it's supposed to be MY FAULT now that it's not funny!

That phrase doesn't mean anything anymore. And you'd be just as stupid to say something in hopes that "I'm just kidding" or "It's just a joke" will save you.

Alanis, get a life. Why don't you go back to making videos naked on the subway.

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