Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Read ***Warning: May Cause Fatigue***

I seriously thought reading was the boringest thing devised. I used to be able to read for a few minutes before I fell asleep. They used to tell me it was the devil that was making me sleepy when I was trying to read the bible. Clever kid I was, I tried to prove them wrong by seeing if I'd fall asleep reading a Playboy magazine. "Why wouldn't Satan want me reading that!?" I thought. I dozed off after five minutes--so much for that theory.

Something must've clicked lately because I can read like a mutha now. I've got a stack of books I snagged from the library that I am about finished with. I've gotten through: Fire in the belly, The book of No, Four Blondes (leave me alone, it was funny), The Likeability Factor, The Selfish Gene (midway through now); all in about two weeks.

I hope this trend stays for a while.

I've had a lot of hobbies in my day. Some of them have been more helpful than others. This one will probably pay off in the future. Now, as for my butter knife juggling, I'm still trying to find some use for that one. Take care

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