Monday, April 30, 2007

No Mo Scool

The semester has finally wound down. But that don't mean nothin to me. I had to withdraw since I missed so many days from being sick. sad face. So now i have to make up all four classes that I was taking. Meaning I have to stay at that school for an extra semester. whateva.

Summer school starts on the 14th. It's only a month long so I can take that vaca I've been meaning to go on. This year I'm thinking Manhattan again. Or Los Angeles. I might even hit up Chicago again. I'm down for whatever. Any suggestions?

Who's the girl in the picture? Oh, she's just one of the top 10 Sexiest "Women" Alive according to British mag FHM. She's only 17. Americans say CREE-PEEE! But 16 is apparently adulthood in the U.K. I don't think it's creepy. She's just not sexy at all. She's cute. Big difference limeys.

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