Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Small Change Update

I found a way for you guys to be able to watch the short film, Small Change. Actually there are two ways. You could either go to Triggerstreet.com and register (don't worry it's free). It'll take you five minutes. And you'll be able to watch it the way it was meant to be watched.

Or, if you feel like being lazy I'll post a crappy version that I was able to make a personal bootleg of that has a watermarked red bar across the screen the entire time and the audio is from a cell phone (long story I'll explain it if you email me). I'll try to post the bootleg tonight.

While you're waiting, check out my hero.

He appears to be a prominent businessman giving a tour. There's an interruption and he deals with it so well. They're speaking German but you'll get the point.

*update - the bootleg ain't happenin.

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