Friday, August 10, 2007

Bourne Again

Lately, I've been hating on the blockbusters. I thought 300 sucked. I hated Transformers. So it's probably not much of a surprise that I was yawning through The Bourne Ultimatum.

Why the hell are we still so interested in the world of secret agents? Is it really that cool to see a guy running from the law? I can understand if it was made with a story that really sucked you in. With crazy villains and cool heroes. But just an agent-on-the-run movie for it's own sake? Boring.

The new James Bond movie is the way to make a secret agent flick.

Paul Greengrass is a hack by the way. You think after a chilled out movie like United 93(which was terrible by the way) he'd bring some control to an action pic. Wrong! You want to see an example of a good drama/thriller director putting life into a popcorn movie? Christopher Nolan with Batman Begins. You remember in Memento how he had his editor cut the flashback scenes. And how he brought that same style to Batman. PERFECT. Its little things like that that are the perfect example of a talented director that could keep his classiness and technique and still have fun with a movie. If only Greengrass could've taken some notes.

I'm wondering why the critics are giving Bourne such good reviews. It's probably cause no one pays attention to them any more. They don't want to seem like the old fuddy duddy critics who can't enjoy a fun movie. So they cater to these crap films in hopes of getting some street cred.

I blame Roger Ebert. I saw this trend start after he gave XXX four stars. Yes; FOUR stars to a Vin Diesel stinker. That movie was TERRIBLE. So now every critic wants to join in and say they're cool enough to like the garbage kids are watching.

I'll admit the Bourne Supremacy was watchable. But overall I'm glad the Bourne trilogy is over. Report card: 'Identity' F, 'Supremacy' B-, 'Ultimatum' D+

(editor's note: It seems that Ebert has recently downgraded his XXX review to 31/2 stars.)

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