Monday, August 13, 2007

Quick Book Review: Stumbling On Happiness B-

I recently finished Daniel Gilbert's bestseller, "Stumbling On Happiness." His point is very clear and you get it quick. He says you think you know what makes you happy but you're probably wrong.

Most of the points you should at least be vaguely familiar with already. But you will definitely get some new stuff out of it. Or at least you'll get some validation about things you thought of but weren't sure of yet.

What'll keep you going with the book is his sense of humor. I was expecting a Harvard professor to be a little more stuffy.

I'm toying with putting it on the Free-Thinkers must-read list. Mostly because the concepts that are gone over are foundational for any successful journey. It just might be a little too basic for my readership.

You would've stopped reading this blog a long time ago if you couldn't hang with a book like this. Maybe I'll recommend it as a quality tester. B-

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