Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big News? Big Deal

Someone asked me why I haven't posted about any of the "top" stories this week. Because they are all pretty damn stupid. Let's start the overblown retarded stories of the week!

John Karr

Oh god, if I hear another sound bite of John Karr in his "early" years, I'm gonna hemorrhage. What hairstyle he had; what music he listened to; Dr. Phil to weigh in on how crazy he is; an interview of everyone that has ever met him; Oy vay.

Tom Cruise Gets Canned

So Paramount pictures decided Cruise's antics and bad sinking public image was too much for their business. Okay... go find another damn studio! What's the big deal!? Cruise is represented by CAA, the most powerful agency in Hollywood; I'm sure they'll find him something to do.

The Emmy's

Not so much the show show itself, but it's all the previewing and set up. We know more about the green room that our favorite A-listers are going to be hanging out in than we need. I'm not going to watch, but I hope the Entourage guys do well. And th Office; that's a funny ass show.

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