Monday, August 21, 2006

New Semester, New Challenge

I'm so happy to be back at school! Well...let me clear that up, I'm glad to be at back at a REAL school. Today was the start of the new fall semester, and damn it, what the hell have I been wasting my time at the Jupiter campus for? The Boca campus is where it's at. It finally FEELS like college.

The first class I walked into, Algebra I, had about a hundred or so people in. I've never experienced that before. We're talking in the back and I'm thinking the prof is gonna get pissed. But then I realize, she's so far away I could stab the kid sitting next to me in the neck and she'll never know. I love the atmosphere. But it remains to be seen whether I'm gonna learn anything. And being as though it's algebra which I failed about 13 times, I better focus. I set a rule: no chasing poony in Algebra. None! (my mojo: "Well...let's discuss this before we make any rash decisions.)

I can't imagine what it would be like at a major division I university. Massive greek parties, nationally televised collegiate sports, insane spring break trips. But for now, FAU-Boca will do. Go Owls. God, I still feel gayer than Andy Dick's asshole saying that.

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