Saturday, August 19, 2006

Snakes Slide Into The Box Office

"I'm sick of these muthafuckin snakes on this MUTHAFUCKIN PLANE!"

I would've paid the eight dollar admission just to hear Sam Jackson say that line.

Other than Samuel L.'s badassedness, there isn't much to the flick. Snakes end up on a plane and heroicness ensues. Any more thinking about the plot will ruin your experience.

I gotta give some shouts to Kenan Thompson who plays a wise-cracking video-game enthusiast. There wasn't much to his role but he gets a few chuckles out of you.

My only rant is going to be about the theater I watched it at. The next time you're at Regal Cinemas in Royal Palm Beach, go to theater 9 and take a good whiff of the room. It smells like garbage and piss. Old raunchy stank piss! Are the bathrooms that far from the theater that people just can't hold it! What, did some excited moviegoer REALLY not want to miss any parts of the movie so they just went all over themselves!? That place is disgusting!

Ok I'm done. Go see Jules kick some slithery ass. Just not at Regal. B-


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