Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chappelle's "Lost Cause Episodes"

So I'm whippin some frat boy's ass in some beer pong and he did the Howard Dean "HIAAAHH!" But he pronounced it "pyahhh!" Then he says, "You know, from Chappelle's Show." I had no idea what he was talking about, so he told me I had to check it out.

I finally caught the episode he was talking about tonight. It's mediocre, at best. What a waste of a great premise. Dave didn't even seem like he was all that into it. I can see why it was cut out of the season lineup. Which brings me to my point: Why the hell are we watching episodes that didn't make the cut??

All skit shows do the same thing. They go out and film as many bits as they can, the good ones stay and the rest are left for the cast and crew to chuckle about. That's all this season of Chappelle's Show is!! A bunch of crappy ass bits that the producers thought we wouldn't want to see. They weren't "LOST!" lol They were rejected.

It's just like when a movie has the dvd with "Deleted Scenes!" Oooh ahh. And what do they always turn out to be. GARBAGE! Crap that was cut out of the movie, not because it was too sexy or gratuitously violent. Cause it sucked!!

That bit could've been sooo funny. Where's my damn remote?

Chappelle's Show Home

How about a clip of when Chappelle's Show was funny.

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