Thursday, September 06, 2007

God's Favorite Game

I noticed that I've never posted about poker. For the amount that I play, you'd think that's all that I'd have on my mind.

I'm considering a new feature titled In Poker And In Life. Where I would discuss the parallels of the two.

For now, I just like playing it. Especially real money games. I get excited when I think about putting my money on the line. There's something very real about it.

I've been playing a lot of tournaments. Mostly just for play but I've been making a transition to real money games. And I've been doing pretty good. I cashed yesterday in a sit-n-go at the kennel club.

I just don't have the finances to play more at the track. So I'll just stick to Full Tilt Poker for now. Maybe I'll see you on there. Look for me. I play as God ShammGod.

1 comment: said...

I look forward to reading more of your posts about poker. FYI, if you want to build your online poker bankroll, sit 'n go's are a great way to do it. Much lower variance than tournament play.