Thursday, September 20, 2007

This Week In Black People: Jena 6

Let's just stop trying to figure out the black race. Seriously, I'm going to call my senator and ask him to institute legislation that bans the nation from trying to figure out, appease, or attempt to make the dark brown race happy.

We coloreds have every chance to succeed that our pale-skinned neighbors have. I'm going to school now and haven't had to pay for all of it. I got hired at a insurance office with no other black employees just by batting my pretty lashes. There's only one place that racism still exists.

In private! That's it. And in no more than groups of two. When nabisco shredded wheat crackers talk to each other they trade black jokes. When their crackerette girlfriends talk to each other they lament about how annoying black people are. No harm, no foul. I remember a white girl who didn't know I was listening say to someone, "Oh my god do you have a comb, I have nigger hair today!" Was I mad? Of course I was. But did I have a right to be?? Hmm... you got to think about that one.

It was her damn house I was in. And if she knew I was there she would've never said it. And plus if I was in a black person's house filled with our people and someone said, "Cracker hair." or "White devil skin." Or ANY variation of any white insult no one would care. In fact, here's an exercise for all black people; try to think of one insult that could be said about white people that would offend a group of our own.

Don't bother, it doesn't exist. But imagine if a white person went into work and said to a group of whites, "some nigger cut me off on 95." Okay, maybe the n-word is just to offensive of a word. What if they said, "some black asshole cut me off." Still someone would have a problem with it.

We're the new Jews. White people love making fun of Jews in private. But they know better than to talk some sh*t about them in public.

Stop racism? Haha, stop racism!? When black people stop shooting people, and talking loud in movies racism will end.

It's not the color of our skin or the baggy jeans; it's the chip on the shoulder and disregard for the law that are associated with it that people hate. If black people really wanted to make a change, they'd separate themselves from the violent rap music and the lawless street culture.

And it's happening. That's what's making it possible for blacks to have careers and become successful lawyers, doctors, and CEO's. It's because there seems to be two types of black people. You have the Denzel Washingtons, the Terrence Howards, and the Tyler Perry's on one side. And you have the O.G.'s on the other. Is one MORE black than the other? Of course not, one is just more of what we need now.

Oh I almost forgot. Here's the story that got me thinking of this post. story

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