Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another End For Entourage

The Entourage season finale was Sunday. Our favorite Queens crew finished another adventure in Hollywood.

The season started strong. The guys took a big risk and went off to make their dream movie. It was tough but they finished it and took it to the Cannes Film Festival to debut it and hopefully sell to a studio.

So for the grand finale, the movie bombs and they end up selling the movie for $1 to Harvey Weinstein.

What a let down. After that entire season. After following the guys around for ten episodes and four months that's all we get.

My theory is that the writers didn't want to be cliche. They wanted to "break the mold" and have us learn some greater lesson through their loss. It's BS.

Would it be too much for their movie be a huge hit and they get all that they worked for? They risked everything and went broke to make their movie. Is this the message we want to send to the public? Get off your lazy ass and actually do something and you'll probably be a complete failure.

I don't need a dose of reality from my entertainment. Thanks guys, but I get it already. I see crappy reality around me everyday. I want to be able to cheer for the guys and see them win. If I wanted reality I'd watch the news.

You guys aren't breaking any molds. A lot of shows and movies are getting into your ruse. Every sports movie I watch now the good guys lose the big game. Newsflash: you're being cliche by having them lose now.

And maybe grown-ups might be able to pull some greater message from loss. But your crap's even being done in kid's movies now. The good guys lose in every Disney flick now. Now kids can absorb our depressed outlook on life nice and early. Maybe we can kill their dreams before they think of getting up and doing something with their lives. Thanks, assholes.

How about you don't worry about what everyone else thinks and just keep true to your show. These guys are obviously living fantasy lives. They smoke all day and get with Anna Faris at night. So wouldn't it be make sense for them to succeed with the business too? Why are you all the sudden stricken with the guilt of their lifestyles? Have them win and let us be happy for them.

It's a great show. It's just being run by spineless jellyfish armed with growing expense accounts and contempt for integrity. Ari Gold would've fired your asses by now.

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