Saturday, September 08, 2007

J Lo's Back

J Lo's music has been shoved down our throats since her first single. Get ready for another helping, kids! That's right, she's got another terrible album to peddle.

I heard her first single "Do It Well." What a heaping pile of unoriginality that is. You remember earlier this week how I posted about Amy Winehouse? Well Mrs. Lopez is the exact opposite of that. She's the epitome of what's wrong with artistry today. Watching her new video I only heard one thing from her "I need money, please buy the cd!"

It's blatant selflessness. She's almost so proud to be a carbon copy of today's trends that it's almost shocking; almost. Didn't she make a song called "I'm Real?" What happened to that idea? Back then her music was sometimes listenable because it seemed like she had something to say.

The music sounds like everything else out, the video looks like everything else around. Maybe she's hoping that we love and miss her so much that won't notice she's not saying or doing anything new. Haha fat chance.

Maybe the rest of the public will do as me and not pay any more attention to her music. Wouldn't that be great; just a collective, nationwide yawn. A man can only dream.

video - Do It Well

Note on picture: She says she's even changed her pose. haha what a blowhard. She's released Magnum on us. omg!! haha

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