Monday, December 13, 2004

Almost Done

Got a couple of exams this week. And I have a 15-minute presentation to give on foreign films of the 90's. And what's with all the take home exams. Three out of my four classes have take-home exams for the final. I'm not complaining though. It makes it real easy when you have the power of the internets helping you.

I played the coolest game last night. Have you ever heard of Trivial Pursuit DVD edition. Here let me go get a link to it. Here it is. The web page isn't that good. But the game is a lot of fun. Basically you watch a clip from a movie and answer questions about it. It's so much fun. You gotta play it sometime.

And the reason why I didn't post anything about Scott Peterson is because one, I don't care, and two, the people who are happy and cheering that he is being sent to death kind of creep me out. A member of our society will be put to death that is not joyous no matter how bad the guy is. Basically the point is, we don't want people dying, period.

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