Wednesday, December 08, 2004

They're Coming Back!!

The stupidest and most entertaining show is coming back for another season.

Season 1 had them working on a farm. Season 2 had them living in a trailer and nude disco dancing! Now, Paris is primed, and Nicole has dropped the pounds and is looking hotter than ever, as the sexy stars of "The Simple Life" get ready to hit the road again for Season 3.

The last two seasons may have been hot, but now these high-maintenence beauties are in for a chilling change as they go east. "We know that we're staying East, like New York, and Washington and Philadelphia," Nicole told us.

January 26th, I can't wait.

Oh, and how about some gratuitous nudes of Paris and Nicole.

And how about a another poll.

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Who's hotter/sexier/cooler?

Doesn't matter they're both coked up whores

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