Friday, December 24, 2004

She's Not That Innocent

If I hear one more guy tell me that his latest conquest was a virgin, i swear I'm gonna explode. Chicks lie to men about a lot of shit, but the virginity thing tops the charts. Whatever the reason (society, religion, etc...), broads aren't allowed to to have a lot of sex. Double standard? Yes. Unfair? Absolutely. True whether we like it or not? Correctemundo. So it's only natural that your fly little philly would have to lie about the number of booty partners she's had. Trust me, she's not that innocent.

So unless you have proof that she's a virgin on your sheets the next morning, I don't give a damn what she tells you boys, she is not a virgin.

Don't worry one day you'll find a good woman, virgin or not, that'll have your back like this one. Prank gone bad

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